NFC/NGDC/NAGDC/GFC2/FC/AFC B&T's Sonndance Kid Rock
DOB 1/19/18 - OFA - Pedigree

"Rocky" is the son of NAFC/GFC/GAFC Spanish Corral’s Sonny Patch & Janee’s Dirty Dancer. Rocky is easy going, intelligent, loves birds and loves attention. At 9 months old Rocky was pointing and retrieving wild quail and pheasant. He has learned a lot from the birds. He has a loving personality and great disposition. Rocky has proven to be a strong competitor and earned all his juvenile points towards his AKC FC title before his first birthday. He completed his AKC Field Champion title by the age of 3. In March 2020 he won the 1 hour Victoire Nationale Derby Championship earning him an American Field Championship title at the age of 2! In 2022 Rocky accomplished what no other Brittany in the history of nationals has done. He won NFC and NAGDC in the same year. Then in 2023 Rocky won NGDC and became the first Brittany to win 3 out of 4 National Championship horseback stake titles. We are looking forward to a long hunting and field trial career with him.

FC JW's Little Dancing Bree, JH
DOB 5/5/10 - OFA - Pedigree

"Bree" is an exciting dog to watch and demands our attention and love at home. When Bree was 8 weeks old I was trying to decide between her and Sky which one I was going to keep out of their litter. Obviously, I chose Sky. But when Bree was a year old I was given the opportunity to bring her back home. Bree was behind her sister Sky in training, but she has learned quickly and challenges her sister. She has a lot of natural hunting ability and loves the challenge of pheasant hunting!! Bree has earned a permanent place in our home.

Trasa's Dakota Stormy Skies
DOB 7/03/2019 - Pedigree

"Storm" is the daughter of FC Dakotas Copper Nickel (aka Duke) & AFC Trasa’s Little Sky Dancer. A lot ofthought went into what stud we were going to use when breeding Sky for a pup to keep out of her. I decided I wanted to go back a few generations and breed to a dog with the good “ole” lines that the Old Timers still talk about. We chose Duke because his bloodline went back to Evil Roy, Beans Blaze, Ban-Dee and Gun-Runner. AND that mix has produced a pup full of energy, driven and bird crazy!! She islearning a lot from the birds and showing potential to be a strong Gun Dog. We are looking forward toa lifetime in the field with her.

FC KDF Kid’s All Summer Long
DOB 1/22/2021 - Pedigree

"Summer" is the daughter of NFC/NAGDC/FC/AFC B&T’s Sonndance Kid Rock & Harley’s Dollie Dot. Summer is a natural and easy dog to work with. She is smart and learning from the birds. Summer always knows where I am at in the field and has the desire to please me. Summer has shown she is following Rocky’s lead. She completed her FC at just barely 3 years of age. She has placements in All Age and Gun Dog showing her versatility. All these are traits she has received from her father Rocky. As a puppy she earned several field trial placements with lots of potential for a future Gun Dog and All Age. In her first Junior Hunter hunt test she earned ribbons from both of her runs. I am looking forward to a lifetime in the field with her.

KDF's Little Angel
DOB 7/16/2021 - Pedigree

"Angel" is the daughter of NGDC/DC/AFC/GFC Starlight’s Mercury Out Ryder & Dancing Bree’s Sweet Little Rose. For this breeding I was looking for a strong field trial gun dog to breed to a strong hunting dog. So far, the breeding has given me a smart, driven and bird crazy puppy. Angel has shown signs to be a strong Gun Dog. I am looking forward to watching her grow and see how she develops through training to be a Gun Dog.

KDF's Give An Inch Take A Mile
DOB 7/16/2021 - Pedigree

"Miley" is the daughter of NGDC/DC/AFC/GFC Starlight’s Mercury Out Ryder & Dancing Bree’s Sweet Little Rose. For this breeding I was looking for a strong field trial gun dog to breed to a strong hunting dog. I knew from the beginning I was going to keep Angel, but Miley was very hard to let of. There was just something about her. So, I was fortunate enough to convince a friend to Co-own Miley with me. Miley has shown to be All Age potential. She will be completing her training with Scott Johnson of Covey Find Kennels. I look forward to watching her mature and see what she can do for us in the field.

Our Past Dogs

AFC Trasa's Little Sky Dancer
5/5/10-1/6/24 - OFA - Pedigree

"Sky" is the twinkle in my eyes. Sky has shown many traits of her mother, our Ann, and some traits of her father, Dancer. She is full of love, has the desire to please, is very stylish and has the qualities of a show dog. She is a very quick learner and at 4 months old was holding point, retrieving birds and showing natural honoring ability. Sky is a treasure and we love her dearly.

B & T's Blazin Kaycee, MH

"Kaycee" is a sweatheart and quickly earned her spot in my heart. When Kaycee is on point you can see the drive and determination in her eyes. She has proven herself to be very smart and a skilled hunter. She gets a lot of attention from her looks and her desire to please in the bird field. She has proven herself to many she is bird dog and you will never lose a bird over. Kaycee has found a forever home with a nice couple in Arkansas and enjoys her days indoors. Her new owners continue to run her in AKC hunt tests and with my help we completed her Master Hunter title.

Trasa's Little Ann, SH
6/2/04 - 2/21/2020 - OFA - Pedigree

"Ann" is my pride and joy. She has often been called a fireball in the field. She was pointing and retrieving birds at 4 months old!! Since then she has continued to improve and proven herself to be an awesome bird dog. Ann has even outsmarted a few pheasants a time or two. She is not only a bird dog, but a great companion. Her loving personality has caused her many times to be mistaken for a house dog.

FC Paige VI

"Paige" is the daughter of FC KB's Shadow-Dancer and Trasa's Little Ann SH, Spring 2008 litter. Paige is a very loving and obedient dog. Under Pro Trainer, Paul Doiron, she completed her AKC Field Championship in gun dog stakes before she turned 3 years old. Paige has found a home with a loving family and a little girl to play with. When she is not hunting wild pheasant and quail, she stays indoors cuddling with her family.

B & T's Dancin Little Pepper
DOB 5/13/2015 - Pedigree

"Pepper" is the daughter of Am/Can DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper and JW's Little Dancing Bree, JH's 2015 litter. Pepper was my pick of the litter and quickly became spoiled and loved! She has her mother's charisma, her natural ability to hunt and is fun to watch in the field. She has her father's looks and bird drive.

B & T's Hooch With A Twist
DOB 2/20/16 - Pedigree

"Hooch" is the son of DC Hoochie Coochie Man & Tequila Twister. Hooch has a lot of drive, loves birds and loves attention. He keeps life interesting and likes to challenge me. He is very curious, bird driven and fun to watch. At 9 months old Hooch was hunting wild quail and holding point long enough for us to shoot over him. He is a quick learner and learned a lot from the birds. He has a loving personality and great disposition. Hooch has found his forever home with a couple from Maine and will get to travel all over the country chasing birds.

Trasa's Dakota Copper Skies
4/30/18-10/2019 - Pedigree

"Koda" was an all age dog in the making and was qualified to compete at the National Derby Invitational when she lost the fight to Nocardia. Her life was too short but I will always remember her. She has set a course for her sister Storm to follow.